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Recognition/accolades: Get additional information about Exchange’s Prevention of Child Abuse programs and nationally recognized Exchange Parent Aide model. Click to Contact

Student Scholarships: Exchange Clubs throughout the United States work with high schools in their regions to identify Youth of the Year and Accepting the Challenge of Excellence (A.C.E.) scholarship recipients.

Youth of the Year scholarships honor outstanding students who have exhibited excellence in academics and leadership. Recipients serve as role models to their peers by exhibiting exceptional scholastic achievement, respect for self and others, and ambitious career goals.

Accepting the Challenge of Excellence (A.C.E.) award honors students who have overcome adversity to graduate high school and move their lives in positive directions. These students are often overlooked for their accomplishments and can serve as powerful examples to all students that hard work and perseverance do pay off. Additionally,

Legacy of the Year honorees are outstanding high school students who are children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of Exchange Club members. These students provide incentive for others to serve their country and communities.

Students receiving a local-level scholarship automatically qualify for Exchange District Exchange Clubs scholarships. Winners of the district-level competitions are then eligible to be recognized at the National level, which awards a $15,000 scholarship to each student winning one the three awards.

Request information about scholarship-awarding Exchange Clubs in your area

Court of Honor: Established in 1957, the Court of Honor is set in courtyard surrounded by the arms of the National Headquarters building in Toledo, OH. Beautifully maintained and stunning year-round, the tribute is punctuated by granite pylons inscribed with the names of great men and women of Exchange.

The courtyard welcomes new inductees every autumn. These members and their loved ones are invited to an annual induction ceremony where their permanently inscribed names are unveiled.

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